Current exhibition


Artist Antonia Attwood’s ‘Manifestations of the Mind’ is an innovative in-depth Arts and Mental Health project, made in partnership with an amazing set of people with ‘Lived Experience’ of Mental Illness. It focuses on exploring ways of communicating how their mental health conditions uniquely affect them and how they actually feel to those who experience them.

Antonia has spent the last 3 months at Kentish Town Health Centre working with 6 participants who all have differing mental health conditions. They have been working together collaboratively on individual film and sound pieces. Each of the works explore the individual experiences of each participant. They are looking at themes of grief, escapism, panic and confusion. Starting the project with in depth conversations with the participants Antonia has attempted to depict each person’s stories into moving image and sound in order to share them with you.

These ground-breaking pieces in the Arts and Mental Health field work as Artworks in their own right. They also however, on another level, actually act as a kind of simulation in which the viewer can experience a visual and audio interpretation of that person’s altered mind-state due to their psychological condition. It is inevitably hard to describe in words how you really feel to others. The work is never wholly literal and has a sense of ambiguity as does the mind state.

The films aim to help raise awareness of many people’s day-to-day experience when they are unwell. People’ experiences of the same diagnosed condition are obviously as different and unique as the people themselves. These works are a snapshot of the different ways certain conditions are experienced. As well as creating these short films, Antonia gave each of the participants a disposable camera to explore their own thoughts and feelings whilst the work was being created. These images will be shown in tandem to add another dimension to the work. The viewer will be seeing interpretations of the experiences through both the artists and the participant’s eyes.

We invite you to come and take a look at these insights into these incredibly resilient people’s lives and experience the ‘Manifestations’ of their minds.’