Philippa Marshall & Michelle Kurth

Action Space artist Philippa Marshall and artist and arts facilitator Michelle Kurth are based with us in our studio space until November. It is wonderful to have two artists working in collaboration in the space. Both artists are inspired by colour and will be working on colour filled pieces. Michelle is focusing on producing weaving and Philippa paintings ranging from small to large.

Read more about their week to week activities in the studio here


Create with a Colour  – Join Philippa and Michelle for their workshops Create with a Colour. Find out more about their ongoing residency join in with creating work with collage, paint and weaving. Choose a colour and let loose

Thursday 27th October 1 – 3pm 

Thursday 10th November 1 – 3pm 


Antonia Attwood

We are happy that Antonia will be with us until January 2017. She is working on her project Manifestations of the Mind, working with people with lived experience of mental health to create short film pieces about the experiences of having their conditions.




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